Liquid Bandage

Model: B0201

Quantity : 24

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Product Description

Liquid Bandage

1 bottles of =80 tablets


Transparent film effectively separates moisture, dirt and bacteria from invasion.


Main Components: 2,4,4 trichlorine-2, phenoxypheno, contents 0.27%-0.35% (W/W) ethanol, etc.,


Scope of application: skin antibacterial and surface protection


Usage method:


1. when used, unscrew the bottle cap, squeeze the bottle body, evenly apply the antibacterial liquid to the skin and the surrounding parts, and then dry it naturally.


2. coated coating is 1-2 times the required area, and 2 times each time, it has better protection effect.


3. for skin care, for joints near the joints, joints should be moved before the liquid is dried.




1. there is a temporary sense of stimulation during coating, which does not affect normal use.


2. when skin is seriously injured, seek medical advice and use this product with caution.


3. after drying, the product does not affect daily contact with water.


4. this product is for external use. It is forbidden to take orally. It is forbidden to be used in eyes and mucous membranes.


5. store in a dry and cool place, and tighten the bottle cap after use.


Specifications: 4 ml/ bottles